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4" Pleated Filters

4" Pleated Filter MERV 7 Shipping Calculated by Zip Code

  • AAF International proudly announces the 4” PerfectPleat - the best 4” pleated filter in the industry - to complete its PerfectPleat line. The 4” PerfectPleat offers the same consistent pleat spacing and rugged durability characteristic of the highly successful 2” models, adding even more strength through advancements to create one tough filter.
  • PerfectPleat with DuraFlex media produces a filter with excellent form and fit. As a result of its unique design.
  • PerfectPleat can withstand significant damage
  • DuraFlex media has “memory” which allows PerfectPleat to remain functional, even when the frame has been compromised.
  • The PerfectPleat is identical to the PerfectPleat HC but with approximately 25% less media

PerfectPleat - Strength and Durability

Creating the 4” PerfectPleat presented unique challenges. Once again, AAF engineers drew upon years of experience in filter manufacturing to produce a 4” filter worthy of the name PerfectPleat. Each model of the 4” PerfectPleat places a DuraFlex media pack inside of a two piece frame. Straps are added to the air-entering side of the filter to help maintain pleat spacing, while specially designed pleat spacers are inserted in multiple rows on the air-leaving side. The pleat spacers also assist in keeping the pleats open during use, maximizing filter life. The two-piece frame is then assembled around the rigid media pack and is bonded at all contact points with adhesives that ensure resistance to moisture. The result is fit and finish unlike anything available in a 4” pleat coupled with excellent strength and durability.

  • Lead time - Up To 5 Work Days Before Shipped.

  • Actual sizes are always 5/8" Smaller with 1/8" tolerance.

  • Picture does not represent actual filter size or sometimes color.

  • Patented media, filter design, and manufacturing process. Patent numbers US 6398839 B2; US 6254653 B1; US 6159318; US 6387140 B1 (1" model only)

  • PDF Specification Actual Size and data

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