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Sweat Free Spray Insulation 15oz. Can

Sweat-Free Insulation 15 oz. Spray Can
Price: $11.98

Sweat-Free Pipe Insulation Spray - 15 oz. Aerosol Can

  • Prevents condensation on cold water pipes
  • Refrigeration lines and coils
  • Condensers
  • Valves and fittings
  • Water tanks
  • Metal gutters
  • Ice machines
  • Air Conditioning Ducts
  • Stops sweating on many items
  • Eliminates Drip Damage
  • Used on Copper, Black Iron, Stainless steel, Galvanized, Brass and PVC pipe.

Sweat-Free is an aerosol spray on insulation specifically developed for cold water pipes, refrigeration and air
conditioning lines. Stops sweating and dripping problems. Dries to a clean, white, flexible and water-resistant
coating. Adheres to galvanized, black iron, steel, brass, copper and PVC piping. Amazing product that works.

Excellent product, Amazed how well it worked the first time.

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