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GeneralAire Elite 900A Bypass Humidifier 24v

GeneralAire Elite 900A Bypass Humidifier
Price: $179.89
Elite 900A / Aprilaire 600
GeneralAire Elite 900A Bypass Humidifier 24v
17 GPD Flow Through By-Pass Humidifier featuring GENERALAire’s Exclusive GFX3 Digital Automatic Humidistat, which incorporates manual or automatic mode with outdoor sensor for temperature compensating control. This unit delivers Elegant Styling for today’s modern mechanical room. The Model 900 is equipped with a patented kinetic trough where water is dispersed uniformly across the pad. We provide a stainless steel valve seat where others do not.

Standard Features

  • GFX3 Digital Automatic Humidistat that features a manual or automatic mode with an outdoor sensor for temperature compensating control is included.
  • Bypass humidifier mounts easily on the warm or return plenum and delivers 17 GPD.
  • Evaporator pad replacement number GA19.
  • A portion of the heated air from the furnace passes through a water-soaked pad where it absorbs additional moisture and then returns for distribution throughout your home.
  • Water is metered into a patented kinetic trough and dispersed uniformly across the pad. Unevaporated water drains from the bottom of the unit to eliminate mineral build-up
Elite Humidifiers Series Brochure

Elite Series Model 900 Product Brochure

900 Series Installation/Operation Manual

Elite Series Model 900 Replacement Parts Pricing

There are two basic humidifier types: bypass and power fan. Each simply uses a different method to move air through them. Power fan humidifiers use a 110 volt fan to move air through them. Bypass humidifiers do not have a fan, but instead require a 6” duct to be connected to the side and then to the opposite air duct system from the humidifier. That means for bypass models that if the humidifier is installed on the supply plenum, the 6” duct will connect to the humidifier and the return plenum, and if the humidifier is installed on the return plenum, the 6” duct will attach to humidifier and the supply plenum.

Both humidifier types – bypass and power fan – will provide the same benefits to you. The only difference is the technology used to do so. The advantage to power fan models is since they do not require additional ductwork, they can be installed faster and in tighter spaces. The advantage to bypass models is that they cost a bit less. Bypass
Maximum Coverage Area
Maximum coverage area means this humidifier will perform well for home sizes up to the square footage indicated, provided that the home is “tight”. A tight home is typically is one that is sealed well around windows and doors and does not leak air to/from the outdoors. Note that humidifiers will perform well for smaller homes as well since the controller regulates the amount of humidity automatically to adjust to home size  3000 Square Feet
Water Feed Rate 3 Gallons/Hour

Water Capacity 17 Gallons/Day

Evap. Capacity .70 Gallons/Hour

Electrical Requirements
Humidifiers with 24 volt AC electrical requirements obtain such by connecting to either 24VAC from the furnace, or by adding a transformer to the furnace to create such. Most installations can use the 24VAC that is already accessible in the furnace.

Humidifiers with 110 volt AC electrical requirements simply plug into a standard outlet (receptacle) and require no special wiring for this part. It is recommended, however, that the outlet/receptacle be dedicated for the humidifier, and that it can be shut off by the same power safety switch that turns off the furnace.

Remote Sensing Bulb
A remote sensing bulb is a small (about ¼” round) sensor that mounts outside the home and connects by light gauge wire (18 to 22 gauge, 2-conductor) to the humidifier controller. This sensor provides temperature readings to the computerized controller which allows the humidifier to automatically adjust humidity levels in the home based on outside air temperature.

Plenum Opening Size 8.75W x 12H inches

Width 12 inches

Bypass Duct Diameter 6 inches

Height 16.5 Inches

Depth 10 Inches

Warranty Limited 10 Years
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1. on 9/20/2012, said:
Great humidifyer, comparable to the aprilaire 600 modle.
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