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GeneralAire 13415 Media For AC4 MERV 11

GeneralAire 13415 Media For AC4 MERV 11
Price: $22.98

13415 Replacement Media

Replacement Filter Media

Product No. 4401
Micro Fiber MERV 11
Expandable Media for AC4 MERV 11 - Highest in it's class - High Class Premium Media
Expandable Strung Media for GeneralAire AC4

  • This is the high efficiency filtering media, which is the heart of your air cleaner.
  • Has a very durable / strong media
  • It will last from one to two years depending on the operation of your heating and/or air conditioning system.
  • Only media included.
  • This replacement part is by Genarelaire perfect fit, high performance filter
  • One of the highest MERV ratings for media filters in the Industry. High Allergen Filtration, Low Air Flow Resistance, Great Dust Holding Capacity Replacement filter with particulate matter removal down to particle size 3 microns. Removal of such things as Bacteria, Spores, Pollen, Tobacco Smoke, Dust, Lint, and Pet Dander.
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